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Jennifer Bourne

Social Media Manager | Writer

Currently looking for job opportunities in London, UK or Paris in Social Media or Digital Marketing | #French, New Yorker at heart | I love cheese, margaritas & rooftop views.

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How to Turn Your Social Media Profiles into Your Resume

Unless you work completely out of the online world, our social media profiles are your best resumes. They are quick and easy to update and to share with potential recruiters. They not only list your work experience and education, but also show your skills, portfolio, and how you interact with others.

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socialmedia today

4 Social Media Tools to Start Using Today

You check Twitter before you even brush your teeth in the morning? Your Facebook newsfeed is your second home? Ok, you are a social media addict. But are you managing your time on social media right? Are you taking full advantage of your social networks?

Pinterest 7 article
socialmedia today

5 Pinterest Tips for Artists

You are an artist or visual content creator? Pinterest is the platform for you.

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5 Rules for Super Effective Hashtags on Twitter

How to use hashtags efficiently? How many is too many? Let's have a look at hashtags best practices on Twitter.

Tweetchat article
socialmedia today

Why You Should Participate In Twitter Chats

You share on Twitter everyday, tweet to other people, sometimes direct message them. But do you know you can have a real-time conversation on Twitter with dozens if not hundreds of people at the same time? Meet the Twitter chats.

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socialmedia today

How to Gain Quality and Engaged Followers on Twitter

On Twitter, most people judge a person's influence by his or her number of followers. It is an important metric, but would you rather have 1 million non-engaged followers, or 100 active advocates of your brand or voice?

Here are some tips on how to gain quality and engaged followers on Twitter.

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socialmedia today

Create the LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed

Here are some tips on how to build the best LinkedIn profile.

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How to Rock Your Twitter Bio

When Twitter users come across your profile, they will look at your bio, and, let's be honest, your picture. They will assess your popularity by the number of our followers, and will screen your tweets to have an idea of the kind of info you share.

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socialmedia today

5 Twitter Features You Should Use More Often

Most people only use the main features of social media networks. Little do they know that this is the ones usually hidden or less easily accessible, that can be the most useful.

Linkedin logo article
socialmedia today

5 LinkedIn Features You Might Have Missed

Most people only use LinkedIn's main features, but the social media platform also has very useful ones, sometimes hidden or not as much promoted to its users, who are therefore missing on very useful functionalities.

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socialmedia today

How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Privacy has never been so important since social media became part of our lives… and we started living our lives on them. But how protected are you online?

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socialmedia today

Get the Best Out of Twitter Lists

Social media channels are great ways to communicate, network, and meet people. They can also be used as databases, contact lists, and bookmarks. Twitter, especially is a great medium to keep track of your professional contacts, thanks to the "lists" feature.