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Jennifer Bourne

Social Media Manager | Writer

Currently looking for job opportunities in London, UK or Paris in Social Media or Digital Marketing | #French, New Yorker at heart | I love cheese, margaritas & rooftop views.

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My French Life

L’apéritif: or, how to enjoy life like the French

‘On prend l’apéro?’ is so common it has almost become a clichéd phrase in France. Yet, there is more to it than meets the eye…

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My French Life

Why does 'French' immediately imply 'intrigue'?

For any person of any nationality, the products we use and things we talk about to us seem universal. But when you’re French, the commonplace suddenly has extra intrigue…

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My French Life

French vs American dating: the French don’t date!

Love is universal. There is no such thing as French love or American love. That said, we have all agreed by now that French and Americans are different.

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My French Life

How to spend a French summer in New York

Whether it is outdoor movies, music festivals, or street fairs, the city that never sleeps has a lot to offer during the warm season, including its traditional French touch.

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My French Life

What are French women really like? Talking clichés & culture with author Debra Ollivier

Debra Ollivier was born in California. She married a Frenchman and lived in France for over ten years, giving her a unique insight on the French and their way of life.

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My French Life

Metric vs. imperial systems – a short guide for expats

I have been living in the US for almost 5 years now, but I still refer to temperatures in Celsius, weight in kilograms, and distances in meters.

Open uri20140404 12126 1t1whak article
My French Life

Paris versus New York: the ultimate city comparison

If you have the chance to live in either Paris or New York, your friends might tell you how lucky you are. If you have lived in both, they will ask you which one is your favourite…

Open uri20140320 18258 dpxm1f article
My French Life

The health care dilemma: comparing France and the US

As an expat living in America, low health care costs and affordable health coverage are some of the things I miss most about France.

Open uri20140314 9899 1xrm4bo article
My French Life

The Little Prince comes back to New York

‘Le Petit Prince’ (‘The Little Prince’) is probably one of the most read books by children in France.

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My French Life

Insider foodie tip: a French food market is coming to New York!

For as long as I can remember, I have always wondered why there wasn’t a French food market in New York City.

Open uri20140210 9832 1kqnvyu article
My French Life

Going to school in the US and in France, a different experience

The school experience is part of everyone’s childhood. It contributes to shaping our personality, building our group of friends, and choosing our goals in life.

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My French Life

Cultural differences: how, where and what we eat in France and in the US

Food in France is considered as an art de vivre, where it is anchored in the country’s culture and traditions.

Open uri20140123 1483 144vej3 article
My French Life

Meeting the French in New York

You know where to buy French food, watch a movie en français, and dress like a Parisian. But in a city as big as New York, you can still find yourself missing French people.

Open uri20140103 16655 7sq7j8 article
My French Life

French & Americans: from different planets?

French & Americans: from different planets?

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My French Life

French Christmas & New Year's Eve in New York City

Anyone who has spent at least one Christmas holiday with a French family will know that Christmas is all about family gathering and food.