Jennifer Bourne

Jennifer Bourne

Social Media Manager | Writer

Currently looking for job opportunities in London, UK or Paris in Social Media or Digital Marketing | #French, New Yorker at heart | I love cheese, margaritas & rooftop views.

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Do you speak Elvish? The story of Constructed Languages in Books, Movies and TV Shows

I have always been impressed by some writers' extensive imagination and their ability to create whole new worlds and mythologies. I think for example of Tolkien or JK Rowling.

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The value of after-credits scenes in movies

Do you know what my favorite scene in The Avengers is? Actually, you might not even have seen it. Does the Shawarma scene ring a bell?

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The Value of Film Screenings for Independent Filmmakers

How valuable film screenings can be for independent filmmakers and how they can benefit from meeting their audience in real-life, as most of them are usually presenting their work online.

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Find Out Which Films are On Location, Where and When

When you live in the US, New York and Los Angeles are the "Mecca" of film shootings. Chances are that you will run into film sets several times while walking down the streets.